Bystronic Pre-owned

Bystronic Pre-owned:
proven quality, best value.

Solutions for Every Budget

Do you need a high-quality machine for your metal processing, even though you don't always have so much work that a new machine would pay off? Or do you want flexibility in your own production process, without depending on suppliers?

Bystronic has the solution for you: a used machine (Bystronic Pre-owned), inspected for proper functionality according to strict Bystronic guidelines. Advantages: quick availability, Bystronic guarantee. Or, with Bystronic Pre-owned premium, select a refurbished machine at an advantageous price that offers the reliability of a professionally performed general overhaul – an excellent compromise.

Either way: High quality

Bystronic products stand for outstanding quality. This claim also applies to our used machines. Assembly is carried out according to the 100-point check by our certified technicians. We put our extensive expertise and our many years of experience to use, and we employ exclusively original parts.

Fast delivery time

A Bystronic used machine is available quickly. Experienced project supervisors ensure that the installation is carried out according to agreed-on schedules. This limits production downtime as much as possible.

Full service

Bystronic provides you, as the owner of a used machine, with full service. Upon request, the same service products are available to you as in the case of a new system purchase. We deliver the machines with up-to-date documentation on operation and safety. To know how your system was maintained in the past, you can also request its service history.

Full warranty

The guarantee covers the entire system. With various warranty packages, Bystronic offers you tailor-made solutions here as well.

Pre-owned premium: Upgrade to Pre-owned premium

In contrast to a used machine (Bystronic Pre-owned), a refurbished system is retrofitted with the newest components as part of a comprehensive upgrade. In this process, we use exclusively original parts. A refurbished machine undergoes strict checks in order to fulfill the high quality demands of Bystronic.

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